Say it ain’t so Ray.

23 Jun


Movie tough guy RAY LIOTTA has confessed to having a soft spot for AMERICAN IDOL.
The Goodfellas star, who has made a name for himself playing hitmen, hard men and heavies on the big screen, admits he’s a big fan of the TV talent show and the performances of wannabes often move him.
He says, “Sometimes I watch and when the right guy or the right girl sings and you can see them, like, coming up to their moment… I find that really inspirational.”
And he tells TV news show Extra, “Sometimes I’m moved by it… I don’t want to run out and sing a song, but I just think when people are reaching their dreams, it’s a little inspirational.”

3 Responses to “Say it ain’t so Ray.”

  1. jim copley July 8, 2009 at 10:41 am #

    Ray was doing an interview with Fox news and mentioned the name of a company that helped him find a parent. Can you please send me the name of that company? I have been looking for a lost child for 37 years….She was adopted at birth and I need to find her! Thanks/jim copley……………….PS. Whenever I make spagehhti sauce I can see the gang from Goodfellas in prison slicing garlick with a razor blade!

  2. Marisa Radford October 8, 2009 at 10:10 am #

    Ray that’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!! I am with you on that one, American Idol is vary cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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