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The greatest Ray scene of all time?

25 May

Is there a better Ray Liotta scene? If there is I sure haven’t found it… Some people might say the bitch slap scene from Goodfellas, others might say the tender first kiss between Ray and Whoopie in Corrina, Corrina.   But what about the climax of No Escape, or when Ray dove out of the [...]

Coming soon on DVD

23 May

Battle in Seattle – Available Wednesday, 01 July 2009 Six Lives, Six Battles, One City In November of 1999, Seattle broke into a full-scale state of emergency as thousands of peaceful protestors gathered in resistance to the World Trade Organisation. The city’s mayor, a SWAT cop on the streets and his pregnant wife, and four [...]

Upcoming Rayleases

23 May

Date Night (2010) (filming) Snowmen (2009) (filming) 13 (2010) (post-production) Crazy on the Outside (2010) Youth in Revolt (2009) (post-production) Ticket Out (2009) (post-production)

Welcome to the Brand New

23 May

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally had the time to revamp – This new format will make updates easier and faster, it will bring more people in to be able to comment and post about ray and it will draw the latest content from all over the web. Please [...]