5 Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Journey

If you’re traveling over a long distance, whether by land, sea, or air then passing the time and keeping entertained can be a challenge. Thankfully, modern technology can help us during these long journeys or commutes. Here are a few great ways to pass the time on a long journey.


Play Some Casino Games

If you want something to make the journey a bit more exciting, then enjoy spending your travel time risking some real money online gambling will likely help the time pass very quickly. There’s an online casino for you, no matter what game you enjoy, whether you like to try your luck at the slots or play against others in poker or against the house in blackjack. Thanks to the power of our mobile phones and tablets, we can carry the excitement of the casino around with us in our pockets.

Mobile Games

If games of chance aren’t your thing, then mobile games of skill might be. Try out some of the excellent mobile games available on your app store of choice and the hours will fly by as you attempt to master the art of mobile gaming. For those that prefer something more casual, you’ll find classics like solitaire and bejeweled on pretty much any device.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

If it exists, there’s likely a podcast about it. These on-demand talk and entertainment audio shows are a wonderful way to entertain yourself, and no matter how long the journey is, you’ll easily find enough content to keep yourself entertained. Try out some of the recommendations of the best podcasts around, from comedy sketch shows to true crime investigative reporting, and get hooked on something new. If you prefer literature over your pop culture, then an audiobook might be the way to go, and there are thousands upon thousands to choose from.

Discover New Music

Modern music streaming services are incredible. They let us listen to all our favorite music whenever we want to on demand, but these services shine at exposing us to new music too. Services like Spotify produce curated and automatically generated playlists based on your music listening history that are designed to help you discover new music you might love. Have a listen to some of these playlists and you might just discover your next favorite band, artist, or song during your travels.

Have a Nap

If you’re not driving, and your journey is on a train or even a long-distance flight, it might just be a good time to catch up on some good old-fashioned shuteye. Some people find the gentle rocking or movement of a train or aircraft quite soothing and can sleep quite easily, while others might have a bit more trouble falling asleep. If you’re the former, spending some time sleeping means you’ll be refreshed and well-rested when you get to your destination, wherever that might be.

You should spend some time planning some activities for the journey or download some podcasts or a movie or two from your favorite streaming platform before you leave home. Enjoy the journey!

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