6 Reasons Why Real Estate Farming Is Such an Effective Marketing Tool

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When you first hear the term “real estate farming,” you often do not associate it with marketing real estate, especially if you’re a consumer. However, as a realtor, you know that this type of marketing activity will bode well for you if applied correctly.

Real estate farming works exceptionally well when you regularly send out postcards to your niche market – people who can use your real estate services who are interested in buying or selling their properties. Without the use of real estate postcards, your farming efforts would be in vain.

Farming Realtor Postcards: Why the Process Works So Well

When defined, real estate farming represents a marketing method used by a realtor to develop their real estate inventory in a specific market area. Therefore, when they farm a neighborhood, they target a specific demographic.

Farming may involve farming realtor postcards, knocking on doors, delivering direct mailings, sending out email newsletters, or any other technique that promotes buying and selling. However, the following information reveals that sending out postcards frequently offers the best approach.

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1. Postcards Are Colorful and Eye-catching Mailings

Postcards work out incredibly well, particularly if they are vibrantly colored 6” x 9” postcards with property photos and sales information.

2. You Can Easily Create Postcards Online for Postal Delivery

You can use the templates on a real estate farming site to create your postcards to send out via U.S. mail.

3. People Like to Receive Postcards, as They Give Them a Better Idea of the Local Market

People like to receive postcards, as they give them an idea of the worth of their own home even if they are not planning on selling their property currently.

4. Using Postcards Adds to Your Professional Influence Locally

The use of the postcards will build your presence in your local community and lead to calls from both sellers and buyers. You just need to send out the cards, preferably weekly, to realize the best results. Ensure you include a professional photo, your company name, and contact details.

5. You Can Use the Postcards to Send One of Several Messages

Real estate farming postcards can deliver your message in various ways. You can send out the cards to notify potential buyers about area homes for sale or alert residents about just-listed properties.

You can also provide details about houses under contract or recently sold in the community. In addition, postcards can be used to announce open house events and showings.

6. Sending Out Postcards Supports Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns

You can combine the use of postcards with your social media posts and reiterate the messages you’ve sent out off-line to your audience. You can also add the message to emails sent to newsletter subscribers. Visit here

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Planting the Seeds for Growth

When you practice real estate farming, you are building your brand and creating a name for yourself locally. This allows you to plant seeds for the future expansion of your business. If you plant the seeds and cultivate them, you will reap a bounty in sales and commissions.

Using real estate farming as a marketing method, you’ve committed yourself to getting to know your market and establishing a long-term relationship with residents.

Get into the Habit of Farming Real Estate: Add Postcard Marketing to Your Campaign Today

Use your real estate postcards as your business calling cards. Make them a part of your regular marketing plans and campaign.


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