How to create Smart TV App

The ability to watch desired content anytime and anywhere attracts more and more users to OTT platforms every year. According to Grand View Research, in 2021 the global smart TV market share was evaluated at $187,71 billion. Also the GAG is anticipated to grow by 10,9% from 2022 to 2030. Smart TV is gaining the momentum and top streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others don’t miss their chance to create custom smart TV apps and get even more loyal users. Maybe right now is your turn to become an app creator and follow the trends?

What is a Smart TV App?

First, let’s define what smart TV is in general. Smart TV is a kind of television that is fully based on the Internet connection (unlike traditional TV that works thanks to cable or satellite). Smart TV allows you to watch movies, TV shows, or other video content any time you want. Therefore, Smart TV app is a specific software that can be downloaded to your gadget (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and broadcast the video on demand.

Types of Smart TV App

Basing on the operating system that is used for smart TV app, we can define several types of these apps:

  1. Android TV apps and Google TV apps. Statistics show that in 2022 over 110 million devices actively use such apps.
  2. Apple TV apps. Based on latest research, the number of Apple TV users is anticipated to grow by approximately 36 million by 2026.
  3. Amazon Fire TV apps. As of October 2022, there 16,51k Amazon Fire TV apps on app stores with 7,05k active publishers.
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How to build a Smart TV App

  1. Check the list of top Smart TV producers – first of all you should decide which devices your app will support. The thing is that different devices have different operating systems, resolutions and so on. Among top creators of Smart TV devices are Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Philips, Sharp and others.
  2. Assemble your Smart TV app development team – you can hire freelancers or tech company. Keep in mind that when hiring freelancer for the development process all management tasks are on your side. When hiring a tech team, they cover all your app development needs, including management, design, and support of the app even after it is delivered and launched on the market.
  3. Analysis & planning – when you pick the most appropriate tech vendor for your project, it is of crucial importance to spend some time on business analysis, investigation of the market conditions, discovery of your target audience specifics, competitors analysis, etc. At Perfsol, we provide IT consulting that covers all these issues. After that you can move to precise planning of the needed resources for your project (time, budget, experts, etc.)
  4. Design – first, the development team should provide you with the early prototypes of your app. After several iterations edits that will make the prototype ideal, you can move on to creation of user-friendly UI/UX design.
  5. Code creation – at this stage your development team creates code with the help of previously chosen technologies.
  6. QA testing – your tech team will test the app thoroughly to check if it has no errors and runs smoothly.
  7. Delivery & further support – if everything is ok, your app can be launched to app stores. If you manage to find a good and reliable tech team, it will definitely provide you with the continuous maintenance of your app.
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Smart TV App Development Price

According to data provided by different resources, Smart TV app development costs on average start from $15,000. However, it’s hard to provide precise numbers as the app cost depends on many interrelated factors and will differ for various apps. Let’s discuss your particular project!

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