How to Photograph Products like a Professional

If you aim to be a good product photographer and want to learn some basics about product photography, there are several tips and tricks that can help get you started. Knowing basic product photography is great for everyone as it helps you with a lot of things. You can earn online by photographing products for other people’s business, or you can do it for your own business. When you have a small business, you don’t always have a lot of budget for photographers, so you take pictures of the products by yourself. Well, it is often the case that you are unable to take pictures like a professional would, and your business’s overall profile starts to look amateur.

In order to make your photos and business profile super professional, we have some photography tips that are easy, budget friendly, and make your photos look professional. So, read along and learn to take photographs like a pro.

Use a Backdrop

One of the most important things about product photography or any photography is to use a backdrop. Backdrops are important for product photography as they help make your products look neater, and bring out the original color in them.

Often times the original color of the product and the color in the photo are different and while it may not matter for some products, others are all about the colors. There are a lot of other reasons why a backdrop is important, so you should definitely get some, or you can also save money and make some at home.

There several videos and DIY backdrop instructions on the web and YouTube. All you need is a good internet service. For good TV and Internet packages we suggest checking out internet service providers at and choosing the one that suits your requirements.

Use Correct Lighting

One more thing that matters most in terms of photography, is using the correct type of lighting. If you have been to a studio, you must have seen those huge lights. Well, lights are important because they bring out the colors, details, and the overall look of your product. One thing that makes your product look unprofessional, is the dullness and lack of vibrancy.

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For good lighting, you can either invest in lights that are made for photography, or you can choose to photograph products in the day light. Choose a place near the window, or go outside in your garden to take pictures, because this way you will have a natural background as well as great light. Using natural lights also save you money and brings out the colors of your products. Also, it would be a plus point if your product is organic, or something related to nature.

Set the Frame

One thing to remember while taking pictures is to set the proper frame. When you are setting your frame, it is important to tell what your product is about, so the best thing is to stay minimal, low key, and keep things in the background that define your products.

Don’t keep too many things in the background or it will overpower your product. For example, if you are photographing a strawberry ice cream, keep some strawberries and vanilla beans in the frame. If you are taking picture of a night cream, keep some chamomile in the frame along with sleeping masks. Also, it is very important to let your product be the star of the picture so it should be the most prominent in the photo.

Get the Correct Angle

We often take pictures and leave it for later to fix the angles and rotate the pictures. What happens in such cases is that a lot of the frame and picture is cropped and the final product turns out to be of very low quality. So, when you are taking a photo and you have a set frame, set your angles right and then click photos so that you don’t have to readjust a lot. Some camera angles that we know are eye level, high angle, low angle, and bird’s eye.

Retouch Your Photos

Well, it is not suggested to take bad pictures and make too many edits, because then it ends up looking highly unprofessional and a child’s work. However, when you do take good photos, retouching them slightly allows you to straighten them a little, adjust the colors and brightness and make them look more professional.

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So, it is always best to do a little bit of retouching and adjustments. What we suggest in this case is to take a short photography course and learn basic editing skills as they will help you a lot with your photography.

Use a Tripod

If you do have a bit of budget, get a tripod stand as it helps you fix your camera in your desired place and angle and allows you more time and liberty with the product. A tripod not only makes things convenient for you, it also helps you take accurate photos. While you might move and your pictures get blurred, a tripod will help take stable photos and set good angles.

Use Simpler Props

Again, when you use frames and props that are fancier than your original product, the focus of the audience will divert towards the props and not the original product. Imagine your costumer asking you about the props instead of the product, so always try keeping the props and backgrounds as minimal and simple as possible. Overdoing props and frames only make you look unprofessional and your photos look cluttered up.

Choose the Right Color Combination

When setting your frame and pictures, there are products that have difficult colors and when we take pictures the colors merge with the background or the frame. To make sure your product looks vibrant and each detail is captured, try getting the correct color combinations. For example, if you product is red, try having a white background, as white brings out the red in camera.


If you also aim to be a photographer, or simply want to photograph your own products, follow these basic tips as they make you look like a professional and don’t require a huge budget. You can find some inspiration on the internet for photographing different products. BuyTVInternetPhone has some of the best internet plans to fulfill all your needs so, do check it out!

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