How to Start Your Own Electric Scooter Business

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What is Needed for Electric Scooter Business

The number of scooter riders is increasing year by year. E-scooter rental business can be considered one of the most successful means of seasonable income. Reuters predicted the shared scooter business a jump into a profitable future. As reported, following the favorable scenario, a company can recover the cost of a $500 scooter in less than two months.

Starting your own rental of electric scooters will certainly require some investments that surely go beyond financial. So what, except for the starting capital, do you need to start electric scooter business from scratch?

  1. Electric scooter supplier. A company that can supply you with a substantial number of electric vehicles. You can either rent or purchase the vehicles.
  2. Selection of staff. You need quite a big team to manage the business processes effectively. Managers, technical specialists, and customer support representatives are a significant need .
  3. An up-to-date software solution. The electric scooter business is unimaginable without a modern software solution that maintains your business by empowering users with comfortable rides and helping managers keep a watchful eye on all company’s processes.

One of the best software solutions for e-scooter businesses in an e-vehicle rental franchise by Rexsoft development company. Let’s overview what benefits it carries and how much it costs.

Benefits of Escooter Franchise by Rexsoft

The electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft is a comprehensive solution for startups willing to start their e-vehicle entrepreneurial journey. This is a model by which a business “rents” a set of customized tools for launching, managing, and developing electric scooter businesses.

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Here are the most compelling reasons why the electric scooter rental franchise from Rexsoft is everything business owners need for a powerful start.

Time efficiency

By joining electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft, you get an opportunity to launch your electric scooter business within 1-2 months. During this period, Rexsoft programmers customize an existing software to meet the needs of your business. Take this time to focus on other relevant aspects that will help your electric scooter business outshine competitors.

Rich Functionality

The electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft covers a rich-featured application for comfortable client use, a CRM system for managers, and a powerful analytics module that allows business owners to generate maximum revenue by helping them discover the most profitable places for placing vehicles.

Reduced Cost

Any business needs investment and electric scooter sharing is never an exception. However, there’s no need to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a custom solution right from the start. To let startups test the field, the franchise method allows them to launch in the most budget-friendly way, paying from $5 for a scooter per month. This is not even nearly compared to the cost you will have to give for custom development.

Advanced Optimization Opportunities

Just because a franchise is a common solution for many businesses, it doesn’t mean you will be lacking personalization. Rexsoft developers understand your need for uniqueness and will help you stand out by creating a unique app design and adding features important to your business. Besides, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the app functionality, a team of Rexsoft programmers are always open for discussion.

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Access to Professional Tech Support

Software integration can be challenging for some businesses. Some clients may need additional assistance before they uncover the full potential of service. By opting for the franchise by Rexsoft, you get access to a qualified support team doing their best to deliver an effective solution in the most time-efficient manner.

How Much Does E-scooter Franchise by Rexsoft Costs

The electric scooter business is gaining more and more progress each year. This is not weird regarding all the reasons pushing people to choose electric vehicles over other means of transportation. In this section, we’re uncovering one of the most convincing benefits of the electric scooter franchise for businesses – the price.

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Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

The final cost of the e-scooter franchise by Rexsoft consists of the initial fee of $5000-7000. This sum includes the following processes:

  • creation of a unique design for e-scooter sharing app and a promo site;
  • setting up the necessary functionality;
  • CRM configuration for managers;
  • scooter connecting to CRM and an app;
  • releasing an app on Appstore and Play Market;
  • CRM publishing for managers;
  • testing.

Apart from the initial payment, a franchisee pays a monthly subscription for using the software for business. The cost depends on the number of connected scooters and ranges from $240 to $600 per month (from $5 to 8 per scooter).

So, the electric scooter business is a profitable field whose success largely depends on full-functioning software. By starting an e-vehicle business with a software franchise model by Rexoft, you can enjoy the boosted time to market, advanced personalization opportunities, and what is also important significant cost savings.

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