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CBD oil for sale is very common to see, these days. They are said to be of great mental and health benefit to the human body, and this is because of the fact that it does not contain any psychoactive effect, unlike the THC. It is important to note that the CBD and THC are both from the cannabis or marijuana plant. THC is the actual cause of the high that most people get when they smoke the cannabis plant. This is because THC is psychoactive, unlike CBD. The CBD does not in any way cause any high or other words psychoactive effect. This is the reason why there has been a lot of research and recommendation by various health organizations for the legalization of medical marijuana in different countries around the world.

CBD is not legal all over the world. The good news is CBD has now obtained legal status in 50 counties. In almost all EU countries, CBD is legal, and it enjoys a legal status in 50 states of the USA. With the number increasing every year, CBD is all set to become the next big thing to revolutionize human health.

cbd oil

Presently, most countries in the world have started to legalize medical marijuana, and this has greatly helped to transform the lives and health of a lot of people. Without medical marijuana, there will not be a certain cure and medicine to a lot of ailments. It is as a result of the legalization of medical marijuana in these countries including some states in the United States that research has been carried out to ensure that more CBD products are manufactured. Some of these CBD products include CBD chewing gums, CBD oil, CBD body cream and a lot more.

As stated by a report given by the World Health Organization, “CBD seems to accept little effect on acclimatized atom affection or intracranial self-incitement… In other words, CBD oil shows no impacts of an addictive potential or risk to the human body.”

“Until this point in time, there is no affidavit of accepted wellbeing accompanying issues such as physical or psychological impediment with the appliance of complete CBD.”

Notwithstanding the fact that much has been said and it has been hammered that the CBD products including CBD oil serve a great benefit to the human body, the CBD hemp oil has been associated with a lot of side effects which shall be broadly elaborated below –


1. It can lower blood pressure – This can be said to be a great thing and one of the great uses of the CBD oil. However, when you consider the fact that there are people who have issues with blood pressure; this can cause very serious damage to their health. CBD oil has not reported any the severe case with regards to low blood pressure, but health experts have warned that before you take the CBD oil, you should know the status of your blood pressure. This can be done by consulting the nearest hospital or your family doctor who will carry out a check on your blood pressure and if it shows that your blood pressure is way below the normal pressure level, then it will be a good thing if you stay away from the CBD oil or take it in a very little quantity. A lot of people often ignore some certain health warnings which turn out to be very beneficial to them at the end of the day. This is one of them.

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cbd oil benefits

2. Interaction with medication – Medically, certain foods that should not be taken together or certain drugs or beverages which should not be taken when you are taking a particular drug. CBD oil has been shown to interact with certain types of drugs and beverages. This is the reason why it has been advised that if you are currently taking a drug that requires prescription or grape/ citric fruit, you should probably consult your doctor to ensure that you are on the right track before you take the CBD oil. It has been said that there are a lot of drugs that do not interact smoothly with the CBD and you should be cautious about the kind of drugs that you take.

3. It can worsen Parkinson’s disease – Parkinson disease is known as a gradual nervous system disorder which leads to a decline in movement. This disease is said to come with tremors which makes it possible for the body to quiver and shake at intervals. It has also been said that this disease is highly capable of affecting the brain if it is not detected and treated on time. The CBD oil has been slightly shown to affect the health of the various people with Parkinson, adversely. However, research is still ongoing to establish a clear theory on the adverse effect of CBD oil on people suffering from Parkinson. It has also been shown that there is possibly enough evidence which might come up in the future to support that CBD oil is bad on the health of people who suffer from Parkinson disease. Thus, the best thing that any person suffering from this could do is to give up on CBD oil, until further medical research states otherwise.

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4. It can cause general sickness to the body – Research has shown that the CBD oil can cause certain common sicknesses to the body. These sicknesses include vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness as well as nausea. Well, this could be because the CBD oil is not a drug that is generally regulated and as a result, there is no specific dosage that you can take. The CBD oil possesses the tendencies of making you vomit when taken. If taken in excess amount, your body will have no other option than to flush out the oil to ensure that it does not lead to any complications in the body.

5. It can cause drowsiness – This is another part which has been seen to be detrimental to human health when taking the CBD oil. It is possible for you to experience some serious level of drowsiness when you are taking the CBD oil. It is advised that you do not operate any mechanical equipment whenever you take the hemp oil. The best thing for you to do is to grab some rest and relax after you have been able to recuperate, you can then start operating this equipment.

6. It causes loss of appetite – CBD oil has been said to cause a lack of appetite when taken. Reports have shown the CBD oil has a great tendency of making you feel like you have already eaten a whole lot, but you will feel hungry again after some time.

7. It causes dry mouth – It is common to find out that the CBD oil can give you a dry mouth which will be an unpleasant feeling.


In conglomeration, a lot has been said with regards to the health benefits of CBD oil and little notice has been taken with regards to some of the minor yet vital side effects of the CBD oil. As have been discussed above, these side effects which occur as a result of the use of CBD oil will need a very little time before it can pass. It is not something that you should be scared of. Most of the people that suffer these side effects have a history of reaction or being allergic to medical substances. Usage of the CBD oil does not have the same side effect on everybody that uses it. In most of the researches that have been carried out, it is a few cases that have witnessed such side effects.

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