7 Electrolyte Drinks You Should Consider Adding To Your Regimen

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are crucial for some of the most vital functions in the human body. These minerals play a crucial role in regulating your pH balance, hydration, and muscle contraction. Magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, chloride, and phosphorus are some of the primary electrolytes your body needs to carry out these functions.

Ensuring that your electrolyte levels remain ideal throughout your blood and other fluids throughout the body make a world of difference in your overall health. If electrolyte levels become too high or too low, you could be at serious risk of developing health problems.

Our bodies typically process and lose electrolytes through various processes like urination and sweating. Regularly replenishing your body’s electrolytes with a mineral-rich diet can help you keep your health in check.

Your body might lose electrolytes at a faster than usual pace if you engage in exercise or face situations like diarrhea. If you live an active lifestyle and sweat a lot during the day, a mineral-rich diet might not be enough to replenish your body’s electrolyte levels sufficiently. Adding electrolyte drinks to your regiment could help you get the necessary electrolytes to keep your health in optimal condition.

This post will serve as a guide to help you learn about some of the best electrolyte drinks that you can add to your diet to replenish your electrolyte levels to live a more active lifestyle without running the risk of dangerously depleting your electrolytes.

Additionally, we will discuss the commercial prospects of coming up with your own electrolyte beverage so that you can turn it into a lucrative opportunity.

7 Electrolyte Drinks You Should Consider Adding To Your Regimen

From completely natural drinks to beverages you can prepare, you have plenty of options for electrolyte drinks you can add to replenish your electrolyte levels. Here are some of the best beverages you can consider to replenish your electrolytes.

1. Milk

We will begin the list with one of the most unhead of electrolyte beverages you should add. Cow’s milk is so odd in the list because this is not something you might hear a lot about in the context of an electrolyte drink. Contrary to popular belief, milk can be good for much more than as an additive to your morning coffee or cereal.

Milk is an excellent electrolyte drink that is rich in calcium, sodium, and potassium. If you live an active lifestyle, you should know that it is also a great source of protein and carbs. These qualities make milk a much better post-workout beverage than people give it credit for.

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Cow’s milk might not be the best choice for everyone seeking an electrolyte drink because it is not vegan-friendly, and lactose intolerant people cannot consume it either. Fortunately, there are several other beverages you can consider.

2. Coconut water

Coconut water is the milky or semi-clear liquid that is found inside coconuts. Coconut water has become increasingly popular over the years. People used to buy coconuts just to extract their juice and drink it as an electrolyte beverage. Manufacturers have started commercially selling coconut water in bottles due to the increasing demand for this hydrating beverage.

Coconut water is low in sugar, and it contains a wide range of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. It also has a very low-calorie count, making it even more attractive to fitness enthusiasts looking to hydrate and replenish their electrolyte levels after working out.

3. Smoothies

Smoothies are also ideal for replenishing your electrolyte levels by creating your own mixture of electrolyte-rich foods and combining them into a drink. Plenty of foods are rich in electrolytes, including nuts, seeds, dairy products, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. You can blend your ideal picks into a drinkable beverage and have it as a post-workout beverage to replenish your water and electrolyte levels.

Provided that you use the right combination of ingredients, smoothies can be stellar post-workout beverages that can do more than replenish electrolytes. You can also use protein-rich ingredients to promote muscle repair and growth. Many people might not prefer smoothies because they can be quite heavy. If you want to drink something to hydrate in the middle of a longer workout, other beverages might be a better option.

4. Watermelon juice and other fruit juices

Watermelon juice is one of the best and naturally available electrolyte drinks that you can add to your regimen so you can replenish your electrolyte levels. A cup of watermelon juice contains almost 6% of the daily recommended magnesium and potassium intake, and it contains small amounts of other electrolytes like phosphorus and calcium.

Watermelon juice also contains amino acids like L-citrulline that can help improve athletic performance by enhancing oxygen transportation in your bloodstream. Watermelon juice is also very light, making it an ideal drink to have during long workouts. You can also consider drinking other fresh fruit juices like orange juice to replenish electrolyte levels.

5. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is a very popular commercial electrolyte drink that is used to help children replenish their electrolyte levels. The drink is designed to rehydrate you and supplement your electrolyte levels, especially when you lose many of them through vomiting or diarrhea.

Unlike typical electrolyte beverages, Pedialyte is low in sugar levels and offers high chloride, potassium, and sodium levels. While it is marketed for use for children, adults looking to replenish their electrolyte levels can also add this beverage to their regimen.

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6. Electrolyte-infused water

Water infused with electrolytes can be an excellent way to replenish your electrolyte levels without adding too many calories to your diet. Several brands make electrolyte-infused water and market them as being ideal for hydration and post-workout recovery. However, not all electrolyte-infused beverages are made the same.

Some products are geared towards assisting with hydration and mineral replacement, while others do not contain significantly more electrolytes than tap water. It is a good idea to carefully consider the brand, ingredients used, and electrolyte levels in the drink before you start using it.

7. Sports drinks

Commercially available sports drinks are becoming huge in the fitness community and among athletes. Names like Powerade and Gatorade have been popular since the 80s as electrolyte drinks that effectively replenish your electrolyte levels and hydrate your body after intense physical activities.

These beverages are chock full of electrolytes. Endurance athletes who require easily digestible fluids, carbs, and electrolytes prefer these sports beverages to maintain hydration levels and replenish their electrolyte levels while they are training or partaking in sports events.

Unfortunately, many sports drinks also contain high levels of added sugar, artificial colors, and flavors. These extra ingredients are not essential for anyone and can be harmful to you. Many sugar-free alternatives in the market still contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, colors, and flavors, making them less than ideal to consider.

Sports drinks can be the best way to replenish electrolyte levels. If you want to avoid the ingredients that can be harmful to you, the best way to go is to create a beverage of your own. When you create an electrolyte beverage of your own, you can add all the necessary ingredients to rehydrate yourself, replenish your electrolyte levels, and avoid all the unnecessary ingredients.

Creating your electrolyte beverage

Electrolyte beverages are very popular in the health and fitness community, athletes, and regular people. As people become more aware of the need for living a healthier lifestyle, the market demand for beverages that can replenish electrolyte levels can only increase.

With so many commercially available beverages in the market already, there is plenty of available research that you can use to your advantage and create a beverage to meet the demand.

You can try to create a formula for a beverage to pursue your commercial prospects in the market. However, that may come with its fair set of challenges, especially if you are not experienced in the field.

Alternatively, you can consider partnering with an experienced beverage manufacturing company like The Drinks Lab. Large-scale manufacturers like The Drinks Lab have the industry expertise, knowledge, and experience to prepare several types of beverages. You can work closely with their team to create a winning formula and rely on their commercial experience to mass-produce the beverage to increase consumer demand.

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