The worrying incident with Wojciech Szczesny

The 13th of April 2023 was just another day where another matchday of the Europa League was going to be played. You can score big with live football bets, which also features the Europa League and other major competitions too.

On that day, Sporting CP from Portugal was visiting Juventus in the Italian city of Torino. They were playing a quarter-final match of the Europa League.

At the 44th minute of the first half, the match was still 0-0. At the 1xBet platform you can score big with live football bets, which can be made on all matches played by these two major squads. Here is when an incident that made everybody worry quite a lot took place.

Strange symptoms

Sporting CP was about to take a corner in the aforementioned minute. However, play was soon stopped. Besides wagering on football, it is also possible to play the lottery and win, which is another highly rewarding activity.

Juventus’ goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny put his hand on his chest. His teammates soon surrounded him and began to ask whether he was feeling okay. The referee made a gesture to ask for medical assistance for the goalie. At the same time, some Juventus players began to signal to the substitutes bench that it was necessary to substitute the keeper. At 1xBet you can play the lottery and win, and here you can also wager on the best football teams in the world.

In less than two minutes since the incident began, substitute keeper Mattia Perin was ready to enter. A few seconds later, Szczesny began to walk off the field and the substitution was completed.

What really happened?

It was possible to see that the Polish goalkeeper had tears in his eyes while being substituted. After leaving the field, he exchanged a few words with coach Massimiliano Allegri, who apparently tried to calm him down. Besides placing football wagers, you can also visit if you want to play on the great TV games section offered by this platform.

It was later revealed that Szczesny felt a few strange symptoms while the corner was going to be taken, such as:

  • dizziness;
  • pressure in his chest;
  • and palpitations.

Apparently he became quite scared after feeling that. We can’t really blame him after seeing what happened to Christian Eriksen during the Euro 2020. The keeper was comforted by the medical staff, his teammates, and Allegri. By the way, you can visit 1xBet to place wagers on Juventus’ matches too.

He was taken to a hospital for examinations. Fortunately, they revealed that everything was okay with his heart, and he was fully able to return to playing a few days later.

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