Understanding Donaldson Filters and Their Applications

Donaldson’s filtration systems support process and product integrity in liquid, steam, and sterile air applications. They are more robust and longer-lasting than others, with less maintenance and replacements needed for improved efficiency.

They also help reduce overall equipment ownership costs. Effective filtration prevents contamination that may lead to costly repairs and equipment failures.

Air Filters

Air filters are a standard equipment component that helps maintain proper operation. They keep toxins from entering the atmosphere and prevent damage to machinery.

MERV 5 to 8 air filters are commonly used in residential settings, as they can filter out many small airborne particles. These filters have a woven material with creased pleats that create more surfaces to trap particles.

Bulk tank fuel and oil filtration systems help to save on component failures and unplanned downtime and reduce the overall cost of equipment ownership.

Hydraulic Filters

Dirt, sand, and other contaminants can make their way into equipment through the seals of hydraulic components. This contaminant buildup causes parts to wear out faster, increasing maintenance costs.

Hydraulic filters remove the contaminated fluid from the system and return it to the reservoir through the return line, allowing clean oil to cycle through the system each cycle. They may be located in the fluid reservoir itself, or they can be positioned in the system’s return line.

Streamline your processes with liquid, steam, and sterile air solutions that meet the demanding requirements of your production environment. Know how Donaldson filter distributor VA can help this mineral water producer save money.

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Fuel Filters

Donaldson fuel filters help reduce costly downtime and repair expenses. They remove contaminants from bulk oil and diesel fuel so your equipment is protected and ready for the road.

Dirty fuel can damage expensive injectors and pumps, leading to unplanned downtime, lost revenue, and warranty expenses. Adding a fuel filtration system to your bulk storage will help keep your equipment running longer between service intervals, minimize costly repairs, and enable you to achieve more.

Unlike air filter designs, fuel filters are typically integrated into a vehicle’s engine. During maintenance, they include replacing a housing and filter element as a single unit.

Lube Filters

Lube filters keep today’s engine lubrication systems functioning at peak performance. They protect equipment from damage by capturing contaminants that reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of lubricants.

Modern oil filters must effectively balance three characteristics: efficiency (contaminant removal), capacity (contaminant holding capability), and restriction (resistance to oil flow). Donaldson lube filter elements feature updated mesh structures with maximized available area and enhanced pleat stability for increased contaminant hold-up.

Transmission Filters

Donaldson offers a wide selection of filters, housings, and steam, liquid, and compressed air equipment. They can help solve your most complex filtration and contamination control challenges.

Donaldson’s engine oil filters are renowned for their durability and performance. Their superior construction and design effectively trap harmful contaminants in car oil, extending the life of engines and minimizing maintenance costs.

With their specialized media, Donaldson coolant filters optimize coolant flow and promote efficient engine cooling. This helps protect the engine from overheating and prevents premature wear. They also extend service intervals and minimize unscheduled downtime. These filters are designed to work in harsh environments.

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Process Filters

Donaldson offers various process filters for various liquid and gas applications. These include low-viscosity water, emulsions, machine coolants, heavy fuels, and compressed gas applications.

Fleet managers rely on filtration to withstand a truck’s long haul’s starts, stops, and constant idling. Donaldson’s off-road filters provide the right combination of quality and value to help keep trucks on the road, reducing maintenance costs and downtime over the long haul.

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